Great Fruit & Vegetable Guide

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Published by DK

About Great Fruit & Vegetable Guide

With DK's Great Fruit & Vegetable Guide, the work of choosing the best plant varieties is done for you. DK's experts have selected the cream of each crop to give you an easy choice between a tempting but manageable selection of star performers. For each of the 125 featured fruits or vegetables, there is a fully illustrated selection of recommended cultivars, combining classic heritage types with deservedly popular modern varieties.

Detailed catalog entries, illustrated with enticing pictures, describe each cultivar's proven qualities. Relevant growing information is flagged with clear symbols. Points such as delicious flavor, disease-resistance, reliability of cropping, storage life, or culinary versatility, as well as season of crop, pollination data, and sowing depths are covered in full.

You will find simple, step-by-step photography and friendly tips and pointers on matters such as sowing and planting, pest and disease control, supports and shelters, as well as planning, crop rotation, and making compost. Vegetable crop planners help the gardener plan which cultivar to sow when.