The Big Idea Science Book

eBook cover of The Big Idea Science Book

Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$12.99

About The Big Idea Science Book

Created in partnership with Prentice Hall, The Big Idea Science Book is a comprehensive guide to key topics in science, with a unique difference: 200 specially created digital assets that provide the opportunity for hands-on, interactive learning.

Everything in this visually rich ebook falls into four major strands: Living Things, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Physics. Within these four strands are 24 sections, fleshing out major scientific concepts in thrilling and innovative ways. For example, drag racing illustrates the idea that net force causes an object's motion to change.

But what really sets this book apart are the 200 digital assets specially created by Prentice Hall. Delivered to readers on the internet, these assets include: animated art that brings to life scientific processes, and then tests readers' knowledge with interactive quizzes; real world inquiries that allow readers to make hypotheses and test them by synthesizing data and drawing conclusions; animated images and video clips; and virtual laboratories in which readers can experiment and combine virtual chemicals.

The book and the interactive assets together provide a spectacular, cutting-edge learning environment for kids 8 and up.