Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

Hardback cover of Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

Published by DK

By Dick and James Strawbridge

RRP: CA$37.00

"[Dick & James Strawbridge's] enthusiastic, engaging style makes for easy reading, and the book paints a realistic picture of what it would be like to live as self-sufficiently as possible on a small farm...VERDICT This is a useful overview of the range of possibilities for becoming more self-sufficient, written by knowledgeable authors."

Library Journal

"This book has it all for the man or woman who might be considering starting his or her own country."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Gorgeous photos, handy charts and attractive and detailed diagrams (signatures of DK books) make this an inviting read."

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"It may not be easy, but with this book you'll learn a little bit about everything involved. It's a good place to start and the Strawbridges make it fun."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Photos and annotated illustrations on every page make the information clear, accessible, inviting, and even irresistible [such as the photos of DIY elderflower champagne which the Strawbridges consider definitely at the glamorous end of self sufficiency]. You don't need a farm to benefit from this book. It's aimed at all levels and the labeled drawings and plans of the urban yard, the suburban yard and the small farm are both useful and inspiring...In essence, the book is like a cross between a how-to text and a book to dream over."

The Oregonian

"You don't have to live on an acreage to take in the wisdom of this book. It addresses urban and suburban ways to maximize your use of space."

Omaha World-Herald

About Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century

Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century takes its inspiration from John Seymour's 1970s', bestselling, classic, The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency, but DK's new category killer has been created completely from scratch - with totally new commissioned photography and artworks, and drawing on the authors' own experiences and expertise of the latest technologies. Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century tells what it's really like to aim for self-sufficiency in the 21st century, and brings the subject up to date by laying an emphasis on ways to live a more sustainable life that everyone can access, whether living in the city, the suburbs, or the country.

The book is broken down into various styles of spreads: "concept" spreads outline broad options and ideas to help you plan; "technique" spreads have detailed practical explanations on each topic and accompanying explanatory artworks; "project" spreads show you how to achieve a specific task from start to finish through clear step-by-step instructions and photographs; and easy-reference "directory" spreads have plant-by-plant and animal-by-animal identification, and growing or raising instructions.

The authors show how to make the practical changes that will have a big impact on your life-without having to transform your lifestyle. Sharing their experiences, tips, and techniques, this book provides all the step-by-step advice you need for successful eco projects, large and small.