Thor’s Hammer vs. Captain America’s Shield

Thor’s Hammer vs. Captain America’s Shield

Thor’s hammer and Captain America’s shield – it’s hard to imagine two objects more iconic in the Marvel universe. Do you have a favorite? Can these two powerful tools even be compared? There’s only one way to decide it! Here’s a head-to-head tally of their powerful traits, little-known weakness and colorful backstories. 

Here’s to the weapons saving their heroes so that their heroes can save the world.

Round 1: The basics


Don’t try lifting Thor’s magical battle hammer Mjolnir or you’ll bust your back! But if you’re deemed worthy to wield it, you’ll gain the awesome powers of the God of Thunder himself.


Captain America’s iconic shield is the ultimate defensive weapon. It’s also Cap’s personal symbol, reflecting the values he stands for as a protector of the U.S.A. and the citizens of the world.

Round 2: Capabilities


Mjolnir is made of uru, a magical, virtually unbreakable Asgardian metal forged by the Dwarves of Nidavellir and imbued with magic by Odin. It grants the wielder amazing powers!

Thor is able to swing the mighty mallet in a circle at incredible speeds, and then use the inertia created to fly through the air. Thor can whirl Mjolnir in a circle so fast he can create a portal between dimensions and time.

Mjolnir also generates rain, wind, lightning and thunder, as well as hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions! It creates a force field to repel Super Villain attacks, gives the wielder the power of Allspeak (so that he or she can speak to anyone in any language), and channels Thor’s energy to project Godforce blasts.


Cap’s shield can be used in any number of ways, including:

–As a traditional shield (blocking projectiles, energy blasts, staffs, knives and fists)
–For spin throws (flinging the shield as a weapon, like a discus or boomerang)
–For ramming (running straight at the enemy like a battering ram)
–For sliding (catching a ride down an incline)
–For reflecting (bouncing energy blasts back at the foe who fired them)
–For cushioning (protecting against a long fall).

Thanks to its Vibranium content, Cap’s shield rebounds from impacts with minimal loss of momentum. The shield protects him from powerful attacks and can even break his fall from great heights. It is also impervious to Magneto’s magnetic mutant powers.

Round 3: Stats


Thanks to his shield, Thor can fly at approximately 24,000mph (38,624kph)!


A fiery 9000 degrees Fahrenheit (4,982 degrees celcius) is the max known temperature that Cap’s shield can withstand. It’s also estimated that Cap has thrown his shield 112,075 miles (180,367km) in his lifetime.

Round 4: Histories


What’s small, green, slimy, and wields the power of Thor? Throg – Flog of Thunder! At one point, a cruel mystic turns Simon Waterson into a frog named Pugglegulp. When Thor’s goat Toothgnasher treads on Mjolnir, a tiny piece chips off. The worthy Puddlegulp picks it up and transforms into Throg, wielder of the mighty Frogjolnir!

What else has Mjolnir gotten up to? When Odin sends Thor to Earth in the form of Dr. Donald Blake, Mjolnir transforms into a cane. Blake strikes the cane on the ground to become the mighty Thor.


How was Cap’s shield made? During World War II, Dr. Myron MacLain is contracted by the U.S. government to invent indestructible armor for tanks. He molds a Vibranium alloy into the shape of a tank hatch, with amazing results. Unfortunately, he’s never able to duplicate the process, so the hatch becomes Cap’s shield!

Later, during the Secret Wars on Battleworld, Cap’s shield is destroyed by Doctor Doom. However, the Beyonder releases a wave of energy that produces a wish effect, and Cap wishes for his shield to be restored.

Round 5: Weaknesses


Mjolnir can only be picked up by someone worthy, or someone who can imitate worthiness, like the android Awesome Andy – who is able to steal Thor’s hammer!


Captain America’s shield is supposed to be unbreakable, but gets destroyed more than once. This is often because Tony Stark has borrowed it to experiment on, swapping it for a less durable steel copy. The shield has been smashed by Doctor Doom, vaporized by Molecule Man’s molecular manipulations, pulled apart by The Serpent (with his bare hands) and broken by Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet.


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