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Published by DK

By Adam Bray, Lorraine Cink, Melanie Scott, Stephen Wiacek

Foreword by Roy Thomas

RRP: $40.00

About Ultimate Marvel

Every significant Marvel Comics character, location, weapon, gadget, and vehicle: one ultimate encyclopedia.

Packed full of incredible facts and stunning images, this authoritative encyclopedia contains more than 650 entries and features a foreword by the legendary comic book writer Roy Thomas.

All of Marvel's iconic superheroes and villains are here, from Captain Marvel to Corvus Glaive and Iron Man to Gwenpool. Amazing vehicles are examined, such as the Avengers' Quinjets and S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helicarriers. Magical artifacts, including Thor's hammer Mjolnir, are analyzed and extraordinary locations, such as Wakanda and Asgard, are explored. Advanced technology is explained, including Iron Man's incredible armor, and key events in the Marvel Comics universe are richly unpacked.

Ultimate Marvel is an ideal go-to resource for enthusiasts who wish to brush up on their Marvel knowledge, and for a new generation of fans eager to start delving into the world of Marvel comics.

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