Ten Avengers Trivia Facts

Ten Avengers Trivia Facts

By Matt Forbeck, author of Marvel's The Avengers Encyclopedia

To celebrate the upcoming release of Marvel’s The Avengers Encyclopedia, which I wrote along with Matthew K. Manning and Daniel Wallace, here are ten bits of trivia only hardcore Avengers comics fans would know.

1. Although Captain America didn’t join the Avengers until Avengers #4, the team voted to retroactively make him a founding member.

2. The Hulk was one of the founding members of the Avengers, but he didn’t stick with the team for long. He left at the end of Avengers #2.

3. Starting in November of 1964 with issue #59, Captain America and Iron Man shared a split-book called Tales of Suspense. It had Iron Man stories up front and Cap stories in back. Cap took over the book entirely with issue #100, which was retitled Captain America.

4. The first time Spider-Man appeared in The Avengers (issue #11), he turned out to be a robot built by Kang the Conqueror.

5. The original Avengers series lasted 402 issues, from September 1963 to September 1996.

6. The second Avengers series — part of the Heroes Reborn event — only lasted 13 issues, from November 1996 to November 1997.

7. There have been three regular series of Avengers comics since then, not including three series of New Avengers comics and the upcoming All-New All-Different Avengers series coming out this fall.

8. Marvel also published A-Force, Avengers: The Initiative, Avengers A.I., Avengers Academy, Avengers Arena, Avengers Assemble, Avengers Undercover, Avengers Unplugged, Avengers World, Dark Avengers, Marvel Adventures: The Avengers, Mighty Avengers, Secret Avengers, Solo Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Young Avengers, and countless miniseries and one-shots, including a number about the Pet Avengers.

9. The Avengers had a crossover four-issue miniseries with the greatest heroes from the DC universe too: JLA/Avengers.

10. In the Infinity War miniseries, the Avengers worked alongside Thanos — whom they’d helped defeat in the Infinity Gauntlet miniseries — and fought evil doppelgangers of themselves.

Matt Forbeck is an award-winning and New York Times-bestselling author and game designer with thirty novels and countless games published to date. His latest work includes the novel Halo: New Blood, the Magic: The Gathering comics, The Marvel Encyclopedia, and his Monster Academy YA fantasy novels. He lives in Beloit, WI, with his wife and five children, including a set of quadruplets. For more about him and his work, visit Forbeck.com.

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