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I Call Thee, Nemesis! Top 5 Marvel Villains

I Call Thee, Nemesis! Top 5 Marvel Villains

By Jay Franco, Associate Sales Director, DK

The mighty Avengers, the ultimate team of Marvel Super Heroes, have had a wide spectrum of enemies. From powerful, godly enemies like Loki to interstellar foes such as the time-travelling Kang the Conqueror, the Avengers have banded together to fight all kinds of world-ending menace. Here are some of the baddest, most-powerful villains the Avengers have ever stood toe-to-toe against. Read forth and prepare thyself for battle!

1. Loki

Marvel villain Loki description page

Loki is the mischievous adoptive brother of the God of Thunder, the Mighty Thor. Loki’s first appearance was in the Marvel comic Tales of Suspense #85. Resentful of his magnificent brother, Loki often played tricks on Thor to enact his revenge. When fighting the Avengers, the trickster would often pit the team members against each other, in an attempt to use their strengths to mutual destruction. Even when Loki is defeated, he can never fully be counted out. Not to be trifled with, he always has a trick up his sleeve…

2. Ultron

Marvel villain Ultron description page


Ultron is the robot construct of Avenger Hank Pym, gone horribly wrong. First appearing in Avengers #54 in 1968, Ultron was an early warning of what can happen when artificial intelligence goes out of control . The robot mastermind is a constant source of disruption for the Avengers and, like a bad penny, he figures out a way to rebuild himself and emerge even stronger when defeated. In the recent Marvel story arc Age of Ultron, the uber-robot nearly topples the entire world. (That darn master plan never quite comes together…)

3. Kang

Marvel villain Kang description page


Kang first appeared in the Avengers #8 and has always been a formidable threat, wielding future technology and a megalomaniacal ego to boot. On various occasions the Avengers had to band together, using all their wit and skill to send the would-be conqueror packing, back to the future. With multiple versions of Kang existing from various future time-streams – some of whom are related to other characters in the Marvel Universe – Kang and his (future) history can be a complicated villain to battle. The Avengers never really know which version they are facing off against. 

4. Thanos

Marvel villain Thanos description page

Another threat from the deep reaches of space, Thanos wields unimaginable power. At one point, in fact, he was the strongest being in the universe, strong enough to wipe out every civilization across the galaxy. When facing Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet (which is powered by a collection of cosmically-fuelled Infinity Stones), the Avengers had to enlist all of Earth’s heroes plus otherworldly allies such as the Silver Surfer.This beloved comic story line, Infinity Gauntlet, is to be the inspiration for the upcoming Avengers films, as Thanos is one of the strongest villains in the entire Marvel universe. And he loves a good fight…

5. Baron Zemo

Marvel villain Baron Zemo description page

One of the deepest thorns in the Avengers’ sides, Baron Zemo harbors deep hatred for Captain America and his team of heroic allies. Both his father—Heinrich Zemo, a Nazi scientist—and his son and successor, Helmut Zemo, have donned the diabolical mask and fought against the good Captain and the Avengers. Zemo is also the founder of the Super Villain team the Masters of Evil, which originally included the Black Knight, the Melter, and Radioactive-Man. Time and time again, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have defeated Zemo and his host of ever-changing threats.

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