Puzzle Baron's Fiendish Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Baron's Fiendish Logic Puzzles

Published by Alpha

By Puzzle Baron

RRP: $16.95

Book description

The Puzzle Baron has done it again, and this time he's giving readers his most complex collection of logic puzzles ever - Puzzle Baron's Fiendish Logic Puzzles. For each two-page puzzle, a background story and a list of text-based clues are given. Puzzlers then use logic to sift through the clues to arrive at the correct answer. What makes these puzzles different from those in previous books in the series is that each spans two pages and requires at least one of 15 advanced solving methods. This book includes:

+ 100 devilishly difficult brain-challenging logic puzzles.
+ Average solution time statistics on each puzzle.
+ An introduction that shows readers how to get started solving the puzzles.
+ Complete answer key at the of the book.
+ Access to online hints at the Puzzle Baron's website.