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Published by DK

By Marina Delio

RRP: $19.99

About Vegan in an Instant

Authorized Instant Pot cookbook for easy, flavorful, and healthy recipes with your electric pressure cooker

Including everything from homemade staples and one-pot meals to layered meals with sides and desserts, Nora Taylor helps you create go-to recipes in your Instant Pot that are entirely plant-based and nourishing. Weeknight meals are full of flavor for both vegan and meat-eaters alike. With a breadth of cuisines and colorful veggies, you can whip up sweet and creamy steel-cut oats, the ultimate vegan chili, peanut tofu with coconut rice, or mashed sweet potatoes that pair well with any entree. Don't forget about dessert with dairy-free cheesecake or oil-free chocolate pudding. With the push-button convenience of an Instant Pot, you can pressure cook, steam, and saute an entire meal in record time.