The Science of Pregnancy

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About The Science of Pregnancy

Follow the amazing journey of the earliest stages of human life, with month-by-month development shown in unprecedented detail.

The complex concepts and processes of emerging life are demystified with clear, jargon-free text, while exclusive 3-D images, extraordinary photographs, and detailed illustrations illuminate every aspect of human pregnancy. 

The largest section of the book examines the development of the baby in the womb and the parallel changes in the mother's body. Special 3-D art, illustrations, scans, and photographs show exactly how a baby changes and grows during pregnancy and how the female body adapts to carry it. A section on labor and birth explains these processes with step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-grasp text. The Science of Pregnancy also looks at the nature of human pregnancy, including how it evolved, and explores the anatomy and physiology of both the male and female reproductive systems. The mysteries of DNA and genetics are unraveled and explained in clear, illustrated detail, including patterns of inheritance and the interplay of genes and environment. Also provides straightforward, illustrated information on possible problems before, during, and after birth.