Holistic Hypnobirthing

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Published by DK

By Anthonissa Moger

RRP: $14.99

About Holistic Hypnobirthing

Discover a modern holistic hypnobirthing book for every woman and every type of birth.

This beautifully illustrated, practical guide to hypnobirthing provides you with the skills and tools to make any birth feel safe, calm, connected, and empowering - however you choose to bring your babies into the world.

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant, just found out you’re pregnant, or well into your third trimester, this birthing book completely demystifies hypnobirthing, making it accessible and relevant for any mom-to-be. Anthonissa Moger (The Hypnobirthing Midwife) reveals the key things that will make the biggest, most positive difference to you and your baby as you navigate these life-changing months.

This step-by-step guide enables you to embark on the benefits of hypnobirthing and create a safe space for you and your baby to return to time and again. Learn how to integrate body and mind throughout your pregnancy and birth with techniques such as deep relaxation, meditation, visualization, and breathwork exercises.

Achieve the Birth You Want - For You and Your Baby

Whether you’re having a natural birth or assisted birth, this mindful pregnancy book will help every woman take control of their labor for a calm, connected, and positive birth. It’s the perfect gift for expecting moms who are looking for advice and techniques for a stress-free pregnancy.