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About Historia. Big History

Featuring a foreword by the father of Big History, David Christian, and produced in association with the Big History Institute, Big History provides a comprehensive understanding of the major events that have changed the nature and course of life on the planet we call home. This first fully integrated visual reference on Big History for general readers places humans in the context of our universe, from the Big Bang to virtual reality.

Big History blends geology, biology, physics, anthropology, sociology, and so much more to tell one coherent story, taking us right back to our origins and exploring how a unique series of events led to and then impacted human existence: how everything came to be, where we fit in, and even where we are going. Graphics, artworks, timelines, and at-a-glance overviews make the causes and effects of pivotal events and major thresholds in Big History instantly accessible.

Un viaje desde el origen del tiempo hasta la revolución digital. Big History es una nueva forma de ver el mundo, un relato que aborda la Historia como un todo, desde el Big Bang y los orígenes de la vida en las estrellas hasta nuestros días. Este libro recorre los 13 800 millones de años de historia integrando en una sola disciplina los hallazgos de la ciencia y la sociología, la tecnología y la antropología, a fin de mostrar la serie de acontecimientos únicos que han configurado nuestro mundo actual.