Timelines of History

Timelines of History

Published by DK

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Book description

From the emergence of humans in Africa to the present day, this continuous timeline of world history takes you on an adventure through the history of cultures and nations around the world.

The dynamic, layered timeline in Timelines of History zooms in and out of time, speeding or slowing to keep pace with the scope of events. Each spread includes a richly illustrated story of the year or period and a detailed breakdown of events, while features throughout focus on specific cultures and explain the history of groundbreaking inventions, concepts, or trends. Infographics deliver facts and figures, while collections of artifacts give a flavor of historical cultures. The unique structure will appeal to you whether you want a broad overview, a good story to read, or the nitty-gritty of key historical events.

Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.


"The Smithsonian timetables book is more of a coffee table adventure, lavishly put together with artful...spreads." - DigitalInsider.com