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Published by DK Children

Foreword by Maggie Aderin-Pocock

RRP: $16.99

About Star Finder!

Turn your eyes to the skies for this starry-eyed spectacular!

Take this practical page-turner on your out-of-this-world adventure to experience cosmic wonders, key constellations, and intergalactic information.

Packed with crystal-clear visuals, easy-to-read maps, and top tips, you'll have no problems navigating the starry night with this indispensable guide. Discover the most important constellations visible in the Northern Hemisphere, read the amazing stories behind each constellation, recognize the constellations of the zodiac, and experience the Milky Way as never before. Learn how to spot planets, galaxies, and nebulas in our Universe, as mind-blowing patterns in the sky are revealed in unprecedented detail.

Star Finder! is the complete guide for aspiring astronomers and rising stars everywhere.