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Published by DK

By Jerry Brotton

RRP: $30.00

About Great Maps

A superbly illustrated guide to 64 maps from all around the world! 

From examples of medieval Mappa Mundi and the first atlas to Google Earth and maps of the moon, this captivating maps book is a must-have for all history and geography enthusiasts and explorers! 

Embark on a visual tour of the world’s finest maps! This fascinating world atlas book:

   • Analyses each map visually, with the help of pull-outs and graphic close-up details
   • Traces the history of maps chronologically, providing a fascinating overview of cartography through the ages
   • Tells the story behind each map — why it was created, who it was for, and how it was achieved
   • Profiles key cartographers, explorers and artists
   • Draws together navigation, propaganda, power, art and politics through the world's greatest maps

Maps are much more than just geographical data. They are an accurate reflection of the culture and context of different time frames in history. This remarkable geography book puts cartography on the map! It tells the stories behind great maps through stunning pull-out details and reveals how they have helped people make sense of the world. 

Embark on a global adventure of a lifetime with this world map book and see our planet like never before! On this mind-blowing journey, you’ll encounter maps that show the way to heaven, depict lands with no sunshine, and even the world ocean floor.  

With incredible secret stories from British historian Jerry Brotton and insight into how mapmakers have expressed their world views, Great Maps is a welcome addition to any armchair cartographer’s bookshelf.