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Published by DK

By Jerry Brotton

RRP: $30.00

About Great Maps

The whole world is mapped out for your viewing pleasure in this captivating compendium, ranging from past to present through diverse themes of transport and technology to discoveries and development.

Covering the classical maps of the ancient world and traveling through time to reach Google Earth in the 21st century, this unprecedented history of more than 60 maps opens up our planet as never before. Great Maps showcases early Medieval maps like including mappae mundi; iconic transport maps such as the London Underground; important travel maps including Dr. Livingstone's version of Africa; maps of natural wonders such as the ocean floor; and momentous moments including the marks on the Moon left by the lunar landings.

There are maps that show the way to heaven, depict lands with no sunshine, and the mysterious home of "the people with no bowels" on this mind-blowing journey.

Much more than just geographical data, maps are an accurate reflection of the culture and context of different time frames in history. British historian Jerry Brotton tells the amazing secret stories behind many of the most significant maps ever unearthed, revealing key features and innovative techniques in incredible detail.

The unique insight into how mapmakers have expressed their world views results in this treasured book that makes a welcome addition to any bookshelf or home library.