DK Adventures: Ballet Academy

Hardback cover of DK Adventures: Ballet Academy

Published by DK Children

By Lorrie Mack

RRP: $16.99

About DK Adventures: Ballet Academy

Lucy follows her dream to train to be a professional ballerina, and is selected as one of a handful of students into the Ballet Academy. Through the four years, she gets through the tough and pressured training with the support of teachers and fellow students, performs alongside her idol in The Nutcracker and then faces final challenge of getting into the Ballet High School.

These 128-page nonfiction books are perfect for elementary and middle grade students who can read alone confidently. The narrative and dialog fictional, and read like the novels that this age group is just beginning to discover, but the books are filled with nonfiction facts and information about the topic at hand. Interspersed throughout are genre spreads that make this a true DK book.

With photographs and illustrations throughout, readers are engaged and interested, and accessing information while they develop their reading comprehension skills. Presented in chapters, the books in the DK Adventures series are perfect choices for interested kids who like to read for pleasure, and need to read for class.