DK Adventures: Secrets of the Cave

eBook cover of DK Adventures: Secrets of the Cave

Published by DK Children

RRP: $3.99

About DK Adventures: Secrets of the Cave

Step back in time to the days of the early human hunters and gatherers nearly 20,000 years ago. Jason aspires to be a great hunter like his father, but will he be ready for his initiation from boyhood to adulthood--to seek out and hunt a stag alone? Inspired by the cave paintings of Lascaux, France, this book will allow readers to sense the danger of the hunt and the drama of the shaman-trance rituals in a past world where every day is a trial to survive. Find out about their hunting tools, their paintings, and the animals around them.

DK Adventures is a nonfiction series for kids ages 8-11, featuring visually rich theme spreads and fascinating facts that help kids build their skills in vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and critical thinking while developing a love of reading. Designed to keep interest high, build knowledge, and enrich the reading experience with fascinating background information, each title in the DK Adventures series is filled with fun information.