History Year by Year

Hardback cover of History Year by Year

Published by DK Children

RRP: $50.00

About History Year by Year

The entire course of history is revisited in this unique and unforgettable visual guide.

The most memorable moments and significant events of each year are charted in a definitive timeline that runs throughout the book. From the ancient origins of our earliest African ancestors right up to our modern world today, Timelines of History includes a diverse range of people, cultures, and countries. Ideas, inventions, and innovations come together to provide a truly global view of history. ??

Dramatic photography, eye-catching maps, and supporting graphics bring history to life as never before. The instantly accessible, multi-layered timeline enables you to move effortlessly through the ages. This essential reference strikes a balance between being completely comprehensive, but also ideal for browsing, thanks to the organized structure, chronological order, and bitesize information.??

This celebratory compendium makes an outstanding addition to any family library, enabling you to dip into the past any time you like.