Motorcycle:Definitive Visual Hist

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Published by DK

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About Motorcycle:Definitive Visual Hist

Set your pulse racing with this stunning visual guide to over 1000 pin-up machines - iconic symbols of wanderlust, speed, and the open road.

From Gottlieb Daimler's gas-powered "engine on a bicycle" which set fire to the seat on its first outing, to superbikes such as the Ducati 916, Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History takes you on an enthralling tour of the bike's history.

It shows you bikes that appeal to the head - practical forms of transport - and to the heart - a parade of classic pin-ups including cult machines such as the Honda RC30, the Triumph Bonneville, and the Harley-Davidson XR750.

Motorcycle: The Definitive Visual History shows the brilliance and impracticality of different designs and features detailed cross-sections of engines such as the air-cooled two-stroke. It explains how the great marques such as the Royal Enfield, the "legendary" Indian Scout, Vespa, and Norton all became household names.

Whether you are a hardcore enthusiast or looking forward to your first machine, this is one title you cannot be without.