Stop! Don't Plan A Wedding Without This Book

Stop! Don't Plan A Wedding Without This Book

Published by Alpha

By Laura Weatherly

RRP: $8.99

Book description

From an experienced wedding planner comes the first book that the bride-to-be should buy. It gives the real scoop on how the wedding business operates, so readers can avoid headaches like last-minute crises with her dress, flowers, and music, among other things. In addition, readers get practical budgeting tips, up-to-the-minute info on current trends (what works and what doesn't) and common-sense tips on dealing with sales and service people, family, friends, and yes, even the spouse-to-be. Readers can avoid headaches and heartaches such as:
-Photographers or caterers run amok.
-Unexpected guests - and nothing to feed them.
-An out-of-control budget.
-Hurt feelings in the family.