The Naked Truth About Your Money

The Naked Truth About Your Money

Published by Alpha

By Bill DeShurko, C.F.P.

RRP: $10.99

Book description

Straight talk for 'Generation Broke' on building a financial future.

People in their twenties and thirties have special financial needs: college loans, building good credit, buying a car, financing their first home, and-while they don't like to admit it-even planning already for their retirement. Aimed at Gen Xers and Yers, this book is a no b-s guide to money management and investment strategies that helps readers learn about-and care about- their financial future while they're still young enough to make a positive impact on it. Free of jargon, double-talk, and boring lectures, financial expert DeShurko cuts to the quick on:
-Finding the right bank
-Understanding and improving FICO scores
-Credit card interest rates
-Budgets to avoid-or get out of-debt
-Debt-consolidation and savings accounts
-Investment options, insurance, and taxes