Kama Sutra Expert

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Published by DK

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About Kama Sutra Expert

For centuries, the Kama Sutra has been the ultimate model for sexual advice and position guides. Now a new version shows couples exactly how to achieve the sensational pleasures promised by the ancient text. More than 80 positions are featured, combining the wisdom of the Kama Sutra with related texts: the Perfumed Garden, Ananga Ranga, and Tao. Bold, step-by-step photography illustrates every position in detail, while explicit text describes each sensual move and touch, so you can maximize pleasure at every step.

Four chapters cover seduction and lovemaking tips for every mood. Sensuous seduction introduces classic Kama Sutra techniques for kissing, embracing, and massage. Intimate union lists sensual positions for when you and your partner want to enjoy closeness and tenderness. Passionate adventures covers deeply pleasurable positions for maximum erotic stimulation. Erotic expertise shows you how to experience the most exotic and acrobatic positions that the ancient love texts have to offer.

Every position features why it works text, outlining the sensations in detail, while turn on and turn off tip boxes ensure couples of all expertise can get the most out of every technique. Taking it further panels offer nuggets of sexual wisdom, ancient and modern, to bring you and your partner to the peak of erotic expertise. The most intricate and exotic positions, such as the The Top and Reciprocal Sights of the Posterior, are covered in extra detail, with showreel spreads of up to 30 images demonstrating each position, and background text explaining exactly how to do it and why you'll want to.

Feature topics offer guidance for the spiritual and emotional, as well as physical elements of a relationship, covering topics from the movements of sex to post-coital happy endings. With a full range of positions and techniques, Kama Sutra Expert offers new ideas for sexual adventurers and novices alike.