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"With somebody you're 100% comfortable with, this is a lot of fun."

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"You'll never want to skip a 'workout' again"

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About Kama Sutra Workout

It's time to work hard, but play harder with this modern kama sutra sex guide!

Introducing Kama Sutra Workout, an all-encompassing sex guide integrating sex positions with top workout tips, so you can now swap the gym for the bedroom and reap all the benefits!

Enjoy a plethora of positions to spice up your love life, satisfy your sex life and get you well on your way to achieving your fitness goals. This modern sex manual provides top tips to make each day a sex adventure, with 300 ways to achieve a fit and toned body while reaching new heights of sexual bliss with exciting sex positions designed to work key muscle groups for both partners.

So what are you waiting for? Dive straight in to discover:

- 300 sensual sexercises that make you work hard, and play harder
- Easy-to-follow illustrative demonstrations for each position
- His and hers position stats including target muscles, and intensity ratings
- Tips and tricks to maximise your physical and sexual satisfaction

From maintaining those muscles to sexual satisfaction, powerful positions and strength-inducing sexercies, this all-encompassing erotic book is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it's rediscovering much-loved classic positions, or stepping outside the box and developing new ways to enjoy sex with your partner, this modern kama sutra is jam-packed with powerful sex tips and wonderful workout routines to practise beneath the sheets, proving the perfect adult Valentine's Day gift for your significant other.

At DK, we believe in the power of discovery. That's why each sexercise included in this savvy sex manual is clearly illustrated and complemented by stats and tips to help maximize your workout.

A riveting read, the Kama Sutra Workout can be tailored to your individual fitness needs by including heart rate and flexibility ratings that allow you to choose positions based on your level of fitness, then build your strength for more challenging positions. Whether you're in the mood for a high-intensity quickie or an entire lovemaking marathon, Kama Sutra Workout will help to get you physically fit and sexually satisfied.

The perfect workout for Valentine's Day.

Treat your partner to something both special and spicy this Valentine's Day with this great new sex guide.

You'll never want to skip your workout, when it feels this good!