How to...Soccer

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Published by DK Children

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About How to...Soccer

If you have ever dreamt about becoming a professional soccer player, then this is the perfect book to set you on a course for athletic stardom. How to...Soccer talks you through warming-up, introduces basic exercises, drills, and techniques in easy step-by-step instructions, and leads you to more advanced plays and strategies.

How to...Soccer shows you how to look the part, with useful advice from the professionals and an introduction to the language of soccer that is easy to understand and remember. Learn the rules of the game, the various positions on the field, and the skills you need to master the sport.

How to...Soccer ends with a section on life in the professional world of soccer, from playing on a school team to kicking it in the big leagues. The book profiles the brilliant stars of soccer-and looks at how they first got into playing the game. We also get to know the famous soccer stories.