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Published by DK Children

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About Goal!

Be a soccer genius with this goal-scoring guide to the beautiful game - from the origins of soccer to today's biggest international tournaments.

Packed with vital tips and tricks, as well as astounding, mind-boggling stats, and history of the sport, Goal! is a vibrant, visual guide to everything you need to know about the world's most popular game.

Amazing CGI images show you everything from fouls to free kicks and everything in between. Who is the greatest striker ever to play soccer? How do you do the Cruyff turn? Where is the perfect place to put a penalty? How far do players run during a match? Goal! doesn't just tell you the answers - it shows you.

See what soccers have been made of, where soccer is played around the world, and how technology has been used in the game. Whether you're a soccer fanatic looking to brush-up on your knowledge or you're going to be the next superstar striker or manager, you'll enjoy the visual stats and facts in this ultimate soccer guide.