The Knitting Book

Hardback cover of The Knitting Book

Published by DK

By Frederica Patmore, Vikki Haffenden

RRP: $40.00

About The Knitting Book

Something needling you? Take up the relaxation technique that's sweeping the globe.

Granny no longer has the edge on knitting; twenty-somethings are making the craft their own. Our passion for making our own clothes and accessories has been reignited in this tough economic climate, and knitting is the new way to unwind and beat the stresses of modern life.

Whether you're new to knitting or a wonder with wool, The Knitting Book is for you. Here the traditional, artistic, and practical craft has a modern makeover, in a sumptuous, fully-illustrated book that clearly explains the key tools and techniques you need to knit beautiful accessories for your home and wardrobe.

With advice on contemporary styles and new materials, gone are the days of seventies-style jumpers for dad and back in vogue are knitted bags, cushion covers, drinks coasters, not to mention gorgeous and glamorous hats, scarves, and other fashion accessories.

Packed with essential advice, inspiring ideas, and beautiful projects, The Knitting Book is the bible no knitter can be without. Hugely satisfying and easy on the pocket and the environment, knitting is the hobby for our times.

Note: Content from DK's The Needlecraft Book will appear in this title, but the pages will be redesigned.

Prelims (5pp)
Introduction (4pp)
Equipment (32pp)
To include:
Needles - choosing the right one
Cable needles
Stitch gauges
Crochet hooks
Stitch markers
Stitch holders
Row counters

Yarns and other materials (48pp)
To include:
Understanding yarns
Yarn packaging
Yarn care
Animal fibers, such as:
Vegetable fibers, such as:
Synthetic fibers, such as:
Other fibers, including metallic

Essential Techniques (54pp)
To include:
Holding yarn and needles
Casting on and off
Basic knit and purl stitches
Following a pattern
Increasing and decreasing
Cables and twists
Slipping a stitch
Correcting errors

Stitch Patterns (68pp)
To include:
Simple knit and purl stitch patterns
Simple increasing and decreasing patterns
Cable and twist patterns
Lace stitch patterns
Colorwork stitch patterns
Edging stitch patterns
Circular stitch patterns

Specialist Techniques (42pp)
To include:
Lace knitting
Colorwork knitting
Embellishments for knitting
Circular knitting
Toy knitting
Felted knitting
Knitting with unusual yarns

Patterns for clothing and home accessories (94pp)
To include:
Understanding patterns
Knitting terminology
Abbreviations explained
Quick-knit patterns
Baby clothes
Fashion accessories
Home accessories
Patterns for advanced knitters

Finishing Off (46pp)
To include:
Assembling an item
Joining pieces
Picking up stitches
Armholes and sleeves
Index/Acknowledgments (5pp)