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Published by DK

By Jane Bull

RRP: $20.00

About Crafty Dolls

Make adorable dolls and inspirational ideas for designs and outfits with DK's new title, Crafty Dolls. In it, you'll find pretty patterns and basic templates. Full of ideas for how to make rag dolls, knitted dolls, and doll clothes. Learn basic skills to knit and sew an amazing collection of clothes for a rag doll's wardrobe.


Crafty rag dolls
Opener Basics for the Lottie rag doll
How to make doll steps
Make Lottie's friends Rosie, Dot, Billy, and Jim
Dress up Lottie and her friends in outfits according to their hobbies
Make other outfits for all kinds of occasions: summer and winter wardrobes, party princess outfit, ballerina tutu, clothes for bedtime.
Accessories - bags, handbags, hats, jewelry, shoes etc.
More Cute and Crafty dolls (44pp)
Topsy turvy doll (asleep/awake)
Topsy turvy doll steps
Cinders/Cinderella topsy turvy doll
Simple knitted dolls
Simple knitted doll steps
Tiny dolls in boxes
Tiny dolls steps
Fairy dolls
Fairy doll steps (adorable dolls with wings)
Dolly mixtures
Dolly mixtures steps (make dolls from all kinds of patterned fabrics)
Doodoll steps (draw and decorate your own doll on calico material)
Knitwit doll
Knitwit steps (knitted rag doll with clothes)
Useful Things to Know and Do (18pp)
Basic equipment
Sewing kit
Basic knitting and sewing stitches