Sketch Book for the Artist

Paperback cover of Sketch Book for the Artist

Published by DK

By Sarah Simblet

RRP: $22.95

About Sketch Book for the Artist

Whether you're a beginner doodling in your notebook or an expert with advanced skills, this guide to drawing will inspire you to burrow deeper still into the world of art.

Enhance your drawing talents and re-discover the world around you with this comprehensive guide packed with informative illustrations and helpful notes. Renowned artist and best-selling author Sarah Simblet helps you navigate your way through different subjects spanning the plant and animal kingdom, the human body, mythical beasts, architecture, landscapes, and much more.

Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions in drawing lessons lead readers from basic skills through to more advanced techniques. Curating a plethora of drawings including quick pencil sketches and finished color studies, Simblet brings her expertise as an artist and teacher in Sketch Book for the Artist, and uses her own inspirational work as well as that of famous masters to demonstrate the "how to" aspects of drawing.

Whatever your level of ability, it's never been easier to master the art of drawing.