Where Does My Poo Go?

Hardback cover of Where Does My Poo Go?

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Published by DK Children

By Jo Lindley

Illustrated by Jo Lindley

RRP: $14.99

About Where Does My Poo Go?

Ever wondered what happens when you flush the toilet after you’ve gone number 2? Let’s dive in!

Get ready to embark on an epic journey! Perfect for curious kids, this fascinating illustrated book takes young readers underground through each stage of the sewage system. 

Where Did My Poo Go
? In just one flush, it disappeared! It might seem like magic - but there’s a lot more going on than meets the eye! This one-of-a-kind picture book provides kids with an introduction to what happens to their poo once it is flushed down the toilet. 

Follow your number 2 through the smelly sewers and discover what happens next! From being turned into sludge at the water treatment plant to being recycled and turned into electricity, this adorable book for preschoolers will keep your little one engaged and entertained! It’s a must-have for parents and educators interested in teaching their kids about waste and recycling. 

Hold your Nose and Jump!

Packed with age-appropriate text, fun facts, and bright, humorous pictures, this delightful educational book goes behind the scenes of a topic that most kids know little about. It’s a wonderfully unique book for kids who are entertained and fascinated by poo.