Twitch: Creating, Growing, & Monetizing Your Livestream

Paperback cover of Twitch: Creating, Growing, & Monetizing Your Livestream

Published by Prima Games

RRP: $19.99

About Twitch: Creating, Growing, & Monetizing Your Livestream

Learn how to grow, maintain, and monetize your Twitch livestream! Filled
with practical advice and easy-to-follow tips, this book describes how to set
up, customize, evolve, and monetize your gaming livestream. Includes
in-depth guidance from established Twitch livestreamers! Whether you're
new to the streaming scene or a battle-tested veteran, you can follow their
tested tips to improve your overall streaming experience.

Expert Advice: Get best practices from several popular Twitch streamers in
addition to their tips and tricks to a successful stream!
Streaming as a Career: Discover what it takes to make livestreaming a
profitable career.
Building and Keeping an Audience: Tips and tools to help maximize
Promoting Your Channel: Learn how to market your stream to the widest
Beginner & Advanced Streaming Advice: Sensible guidance for anyone looking
to improve and grow their livestream.
Setting Up Your Livestream: Recommendations on the best equipment to
ensure a great livestream experience for you and your followers.