Pokemon ReaderActive: Alolan Academy

Paperback cover of Pokemon ReaderActive: Alolan Academy

Published by Prima Games

By Simcha Whitehill

About Pokemon ReaderActive: Alolan Academy

ReaderActives make reading interactive! Multiple story paths and outcomes help children further develop their reading skills. All Pokémon fans will enjoy this creative, interactive story as they learn what it's like to attend the popular Alolan Academy! The ReaderActive series allows readers to experience different story plots and results, all while continuing to develop their reading skills and increase their vocabulary. With multiple options from which to choose, young readers will be eager to read the story over and over again to learn about all the various story paths.

Learn what it is like to attend the renowned Alolan Academy.

* Experience a brand-new adventure by making different choices.

* Multiple story paths and outcomes help children develop their reading skills.