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Frequently asked questions


What is Scratch?

Scratch is a visual programming language that uses colourful blocks to create code.


What is Python?

Python is a text-based language in which instructions are typed in, using a keyboard.


What are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are text-based languages used together to create dynamic websites and apps.


Where can I find the Coding Course Resource Pack?

Click here to download all the images you’ll need to build the projects in Beginner’s Step by Step Coding Course, including all the code files in their original formats (.py, .html, .css, .js) for your reference.


How do I install the Python software?

First, make sure you’ve downloaded the right version of the software for your computer. The Python website has lots of information about how to install everything properly.


How do I install Pygame Zero?

Pygame Zero is a bit tricky to install properly, so follow the instructions in the book. If you’re still having trouble, the Pygame Zero website has more information about getting yourself set up.


How do I install Visual Studio Community?

You can use any text editor to code a web language, but using an integrated development environment (IDE) will make coding much easier. Go to the Visual Studio website and choose Visual Studio Community for your operating system.


Why isn’t my code working?

Have you copied the code from the book exactly as it appears in the book?

If everything looks okay but you’re still having problems, check the Debugging pages in your DK book or download the coding resource pack and check your code against the original code.



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