Computer Coding
The Python Games Resource Pack

Computer Coding

Get started

To start coding, you need to use a programming language. Scratch and Python are great languages for beginner coders. 

Click on the green button to get started with Scratch. It’ll take you to the Scratch website, where you can get going straight away.

link to Scratch

Click on the blue button if you want to use Python.

You’ll find links to Python’s own websites, as well as the Python Games Resource Pack download.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a question that doesn’t appear in the FAQs, send us an email at and we will try to  help you out.          


What are Scratch and Python?

Scratch and Python are programming languages that are used to write code. They’re both ideal languages for people just starting out as coders.


Where can I find the Python Games Resource Pack?

Click here  to download the Python Games Resource Pack.


How do I install the Python software?

First, make sure you’ve downloaded the right version of the software for your computer. The Python website has lots of information about how to install everything properly.


How do I install Pygame Zero?

Pygame Zero is a bit tricky to install properly, so make sure you’ve followed all the instructions in the book accurately. If you’re still having trouble, the Pygame Zero website has more information about getting yourself set up.


Why isn’t my Python code working?

Have you copied the code from the book exactly as it appears in the book? If everything looks okay but you’re still having problems, check the Fixing Bugs pages in your DK book.