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Privacy Policy: Children


Hey you! Yeah, you! Are you 13 yet? You're not?


Well, then it's your lucky day. You don't need to read all this stuff, just ask one of the grown ups you live with, or your teacher, to do all the work. Ask them to click on this link and start reading for you.


If you're 13 already, we're afraid you've got some reading to do.


So, who are we?


This is Dorling Kinderley Limited's Site


Where are we?


If you want to ask us a question about the Site or what we do with things you tell us about yourself:


Write to us at:


The Editor,, DK

Dorling Kindersley Limited

80 Strand London


United Kingdom


Or send us an email:


Who are you?


You know the answer to this one already, but we don't. So sometimes we will ask you to tell us, along with where you live, how we can get in touch with you (your email, your address) and what you like and don't like - your hobbies, your favourite authors, stuff like that.


When are we going to bug you?


You've probably already seen on some pages of the Site that we ask you questions about yourself, we do that when:


- You sign up to receive any of our email newsletters. When you do, we'll usually ask for your email address so that we can email the newsletters to you. We'll let you know in our email how you can unsubscribe if you don't want to receive anymore newsletters.

- You go in for a competition. When you do, we'll usually ask for your name and address so we can let you know if you win and we can send you a prize! We might also want to tell other people that you won and maybe put up your entry on the Site. We'll ask you to tell us if we can before we do.

- You send an e-postcard. If you do, we'll need your name and email address so we can make sure you get a copy of the e-postcard you sent.

- You send us a review, poem, joke or story. If you do this and we decide to post it on the Site, we'll need to know who and where you are so we can tell you: "We want your review on the site!"

- When you submit a review for the Site. Then we ask for your name (that you want us to publish) and your email address (which we won't publish) so we can contact you about your review.

- If you plan to send in a review or post comments on the Site, ask a parent or other adult to check out Terms and Conditions and to help you with what you send.

- Apps: This policy applies to software applications, enhanced ebooks and other similar digital products published by Penguin Books Limited, Dorling Kindersley Limited, Ladybird Books Limited, Frederick Warne & Co. Limited and Rough Guides Limited. Such products are referred to in this Policy as "Apps". By using any of our Apps you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.


You tell us about yourself - then what?


If you come and visit the Site then we promise that we won't go telling anyone else the stuff you've told us. That would be pretty rude. The only time we'll share what you've said to us about yourself will be when we've already told you we were going to and you'll be able to tell us "no".


Hey you! You're not 13 yet are you?


Didn't we tell you not to read all this? Aren't you bored yet? Ask an adult to read what's at the other end of this link.