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Published by Rebel Girls

By Nona Willis Aronowitz

Illustrated by Caribay Marquina

RRP: £15.00

"Comprehensive, personal and sensitively written, Growing Up Powerful is not just an invaluable book, but a friend, confidante and superpower resource for girls."

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About Growing Up Powerful

The Confidence Code for Girls meets The Care & Keeping of You in this bold, bighearted book about growing up with unshakable confidence.

Puberty comes with a lot of changes for girls today. There's the thrilling stuff: making friends, discovering their superpowers, and finding their voices. Then there are the not-so-fun parts: body changes, school stress, and totally understandable social anxiety. It's enough to make a Rebel Girl's head spin! That's where we come in.

Filled with helpful advice, Q&As between experts and girls around the world, and fun quizzes, Growing Up Powerful has the inside scoop on all things girlhood, and gives tweens and teens the tools they need to become their most confident selves.