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Published by DK Children

RRP: £14.99

"An old favourite topic that will keep enquiring minds active and interested for hours, if not days!"

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"The children have spent hours happily pouring over this wonderful find... The information is presented in bite size chunks so does not overwhelm the children and they quite happily skip to their favourite parts... a great book that has already come in handy with homework from school"


"Would recommend to everyone to read this"


"With great diagrams and pictures and amazing facts about so many different things this will keep your child amused for hours. Highly recommended"


"If you love finding out new and interesting facts, then this book is definitely for you!... you can open the book to any page and find out something amazing... it grabs the reader and keeps you hooked on reading"


"This is a book to read, collect and treasure"


"Each page is jam packed with facts and figures as well as brilliant photos and illustrations. The whole family has enjoyed reading this book and finding out new and interesting things"


"A fantastic book, really good quality with thick glossy pages... It has a real educational value to children as its not just man made records, but animal, plants etc. I feel this is the type of book every child should have in their collection"


"Easy to dip in and out of with the facts broken up into sections"


About Record Breakers!

Amazing facts about people, animals, Earth, and space pack this fantastic kids' book of world records. It's the perfect gift book for children aged 9-11.

Record Breakers brings you the first, fastest, longest, largest, biggest, and best records in the world. Track the longest shark migration (20,000 km/12,400 miles); visit the coolest place on the planet (Vostok Station, Antarctica: a chilling -89.2ºC/-128.6ºF); see how plane pioneer Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier, and much more.

The greatest human achievements are showcased, from pioneering inventors to modern feats of engineering, technology, transport, and sport. But there's far more than just people power in the book, there are also records about animals, plants, and our amazing natural world, Earth, and space.

Find out all about the best of everything in Record Breakers - an entertaining and educational book for all the family.