A Little Course in Wine Tasting

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Published by DK

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About A Little Course in Wine Tasting

Simply everything you need to know to learn something new; a practical and inspirational course in learning how to appreciate wine

Ever wanted to learn more about wine but don't know where to begin? Take the first step with A Little Course in Wine Tasting, part of a new series of learning guides from DK where nothing is assumed and everything is explained. Learn at your own pace, in your own time and in the comfort of your own home. Each course follows the same structure; start simple and learn the basics, build on what you've learnt and then show off your new skills!

A Little Course in Wine Tasting features:

- "Start Simple" by discovering differences between all the distinct flavours of white, red, and rosé wines

- "Take it Further" with tasting sessions with wines from different climates and regions from European Riesling and Rioja to Californian Chardonnay and Australian Shiraz

- Full introduction showing you how to taste and serve wine and choose the right glassware

- How to identify flavours and aromas in white, sparkling, red and rosé wines

- 13 separate styles of wine explained and 20 individual wines features

Go from complete beginner to being able to identify and appreciate wine with A Little Course in Wine Tasting.