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Published by DK

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About Yoga for a New You

"Do you want to better your mind and body through yoga? This comprehensive guide equips you with all the yoga poses, routines, and breathing techniques you'll need on your lifelong journey toward well-being, vitality, mindfulness, and calm.

Four themed sections are specially designed to help you feel:
RELAXED: Unknot tight muscles, ease tension, and quiet your mind with yoga exercises to relieve physical and emotional stress.
ENERGETIC: Build and sustain energy reserves to fuel you as you meet the challenges of daily life.
YOUNG: Tailor-made techniques enable you to live positively and actively, maintain flexibility of body and mind, and look and feel younger for longer.
CONFIDENT: Achieve balance and self-awareness so that you can focus on your strengths, nurture your self-esteem, and stand your ground with quiet poise.

With 25 step-by-step yoga poses and seven yoga sequences, plus extensive advice on breathing practice, relaxation, meditation, and lifestyle, Yoga for a New You is the only yoga guide you'll ever need."