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Published by DK

RRP: £9.99

About RSPB What's that Bird?

Spot the difference! If you are not sure how to tell the difference between a swift or a swallow or shelduck from a shoveler, this bird guide is for you.

Designed for beginners and more experienced birdwatchers alike, your DK bird book includes over 150 European birds and their distinguishing features.

Authenticated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the facts and illustrations included in this fascinating book will help you easily tell the difference between similar birds.

Inside, you will find:

- Similar and commonly confused birds, shown side by side for quick comparison and identification
- A habitat-by-habitat approach that ensures you will quickly find the bird you are looking for
- A compact and portable format for ease of use anywhere
- Habitat overviews that show you where to look for and find particular birds within their natural environment
- An at-a-glance bird-finder section that shows thumbnails of birds, grouped by colour, for instant identification
- A fully illustrated introduction that explains the basics of birdwatching - where and what to look for
- Concise, clear, and informative text, written by Rob Hume, a leading ornithological expert and writer

Set off on an exciting nature adventure. Spot birds of all kinds in your garden or in the wild. The bird species included in this RSPB pocket guide are grouped according to habitat and appearance, with each image highlighted with their key characteristics, showing you exactly how to tell each bird apart! What's that Bird? includes an introductory section that highlights key features of birds such as size, shape, colour, pattern, flight, sound, season, and behaviour.

From woodlands and forests, fresh water and coast, to the open country, author and leading ornithological expert Rob Hume, takes you on an exploration of birds around Britain and Europe. The pages of the photographic field guide are filled with high-quality photographs, detailed descriptions and comparisons, and an at-a-glance bird-finder so you will go from novice bird watcher to expert in no time.

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