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Published by DK

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About Violent Earth

An explosive guide to the dynamic forces that shape our planet

Violent Earth is a spectacular visual exploration of the some of the most awe-inspiring and dramatic events that our planet can throw at us; earthquakes, eruptions, mud slides, tsunamis and more. Feel their terrifying force as they leap off the page through powerful photography, specially commissioned artworks and fascinating infographics.

Covering every aspect of seismology, vulcanology and tectonics, Violent Earth explores the science behind predicting when major events will occur and profiles the areas of key geological activity such as earthquake zones, volcanic sites and plate boundaries. Plus, read about the significant incidents that have happened to our world in recorded history including the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 and the recent tsunami in Japan.

Violent Earth is a fascinating read for enthusiasts of any age, ideal for students and a spectacular reference book for the whole family.