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Published by DK

Editor-in-chief Adam Hart-Davis

RRP: £30.00

About History

From the origins of Homo sapiens to the 21st century, this dynamic visual encyclopaedia of world events tells the surprising and inspiring history of the world.

Exploring world history and featuring historical figures that have shaped our past and present, this newly updated third edition includes key contemporary issues, political developments, changes in leadership, and more.

Each historical episode, explored visually on a double-page spread, is linked to others by "before" and "after" panels, explaining the causes and consequences of all that has happened. There is a focus on key profiles of major figures, exploration of important inventions, and explanation of significant ideologies that defined their time.

An extensive "National Histories" section, separately chronicles the key events of each and every sovereign state in the world, as well as many of their self-governing territories.

This is a visual celebration of human achievement and endeavour, combining fascinating content with stunning images of painting, sculpture, and architecture. All of this means that a fresh and contemporary perspective is brought to the subject. DK's History reveals the common threads and forces that have shaped the past and present and shows that ours is a history with genes and viruses, not just battles and treaties.