The Book of Weeds

eBook cover of The Book of Weeds

Published by DK

By Kenneth Thompson

RRP: £8.49

About The Book of Weeds

Weeds are plants growing in the wrong place. Here’s how to recognize, prevent, eradicate – or learn to live with – your unwelcome guests.

Get to the root of any weed problem with Ken Thompson. With his blend of witty, down-to-earth advice and solid scientific practice, Ken explains how weeds populate your pots, paving, beds and borders and shows how to prevent them taking over – or opt for complete eradication.

A “rogue’s gallery” helps you separate the true thugs from the more benign pests, and reveals how to integrate some weeds into a garden ecosystem. With eco-friendly solutions for environmentally responsible gardeners, this is the practical and achievable guide to winning the war against weeds.