1001 Ways to Relax

eBook cover of 1001 Ways to Relax

Published by DK

By Susannah Marriott

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About 1001 Ways to Relax

1001 great ways to unwind, relax and enjoy yourself, however hectic your lifestyle

Feeling stressed and want to learn how to relax? Here are 1001 easy-to-follow ways to unwind.

Follow bite-sized advice on kicking back and relaxing: pick up simple ideas for managing anger and keeping calm, massage techniques and yoga poses to help you de-stress and tips to cope with work and other stressful situations that would normally have you tearing your hair out. Plus find 100% natural recipes for relaxing, including bath oils and herbal teas.

No drugs or expensive therapy required: cope with your packed schedule, feel great and survive life in a busy world!