Come Closer

Hardback cover of Come Closer

Published by DK

By Charlene Douglas

RRP: £16.99

"A great read that takes you on a journey of sexual understanding and liberation!"

Meryl Williams

"Such a poignant book... [that talks] so openly about taboo topics and helps us to feel more comfortable."

Scarlette Douglas

"I'm loving it. Makes me feel normal...!"

Suzi K.

About Come Closer

Feeling a disconnect in your sex life?

Sex and relationship therapist Charlene Douglas invites you to connect more, communicate better, and love more deeply.

Perhaps you’ve considered seeing a therapist before but you worry it might be awkward or it’s too expensive... Come Closer provides the safe space you need to reflect on the past experiences that may have shaped your sexual world, explore what turns you on and what turns you off, and open up to issues in communication and sexual health.

Charlene draws on real-life case studies from her experience helping individuals and couples to navigate different relationship problems and combines this with interactive intimacy tasks at the end of each chapter to give you something practical to work on.

So whether you’re hoping to reignite an old spark or build a new sense of confidence in the bedroom, take the first step towards a happy and healthy sex life with Come Closer.