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Published by DK

Consultant editor Lesley Becker-Phelps

RRP: £14.99

About Love The Psychology Of Attraction

A practical guide to successful dating and a happy relationship.

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut with your partner, desperately seeking to spice up your love life and reignite that electric romantic chemistry you felt once upon a time?

Then this may be the book for you!

Love:The Psychology of Attraction will help you to crack the code of compatibility within its pages and pages of love tips, relationship advice and self-awareness exercises, so you can succeed in love once again!

So what are you waiting for? Dive straight in to discover:

-Questionnaires and self-analysis exercises to help you apply the insights you've gained to your own unique situation
-A wealth of practical advice that offers constructive guidance for all circumstances- whatever your life stage.
-Conveys a wide range of useful scientific findings from social and behavioural psychologists

Split into five core chapters, starting with a self-evaluation to get to you know yourself and your type from a new perspective, this riveting read then leads onto the search for romance, the dos and don't of dating, followed by developing a relationship and setting your boundaries, before finally offering solid advice supported by science for keeping your love on track, and enjoying your new beginnings.

The first book on the market to combine science with self-help in an accessible and inspiring way, Love The Psychology of Attraction teaches that finding love is one thing, but continuing that everlasting feeling is another. That's why this ultimate guide to all things love-related can help you discover the passion, chemistry and that electric spark that proves pivotal to a successful love story.

This brilliant book of love proves to be a perfect couples gift for Valentine's Day.

So why not treat your significant other this Valentine's Day, and fall in love with being in love all over again?