What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

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Published by DK

By Michal Oshman

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"This is a self-help book with a difference [...] For anyone seeking a more fulfilling life, Michal Oshman's account of how she found hers could just be an inspiring and invaluable handbook."

The Jewish Chronicle

"Using age-old approaches to issues such as Imposter Syndrome, company culture and risk-taking, she brings sometime fresh to the professional self-help landscape. It is inspiring beyond belief."


About What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

Let Michal Oshman take you on a journey of self discovery to identify what makes you you, what you were born to do and how to do it.

As a mentor for leaders in top global companies, Michal created a unique personal growth methodology based on the life-changing principles of Jewish wisdom. It is easy to think that the daily challenges we experience in the 21st century are new and unlike any that people faced in the past. Michal draws on her own heritage and a wide range of Jewish teachings to offer practical advice for common concerns, such as a broken heart, parenting, overcoming setbacks and getting the most out of your career.

By challenging you to explore what matters, Michal offers solutions to your everyday struggles. She will empower you as well as teach you how to adopt her self-development tools to discover who you really are and what you were born to do with your life. With its uplifting belief that you already have all the ingredients within you to lead a joyous life, Michal's unique mix of corporate culture experience and Jewish wisdom will help you reconnect with yourself. This unique book will help you to find your courage, and move forward freely, with no fear at all!

What leaders are saying about What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?:

Yossi Klein Halevi - Senior Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute and author of the New York Times bestseller, Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor:
Reading this beautiful book is like sitting with a wise friend who is helping you make sense of your life. In drawing on the insights of Jewish tradition, Michal Oshman shows us how to nurture our souls, the "flame within a shell," and turn pain into growth. Read this book gratefully, and then give it to someone you love.

Mark Gerson - Co-Founder and Chairman, United Hatzalah and author of the Los Angeles Times bestseller, The Telling:
This is a magnificent book - combining the best of rigorous self-reflection, professional and personal counsel and Jewish wisdom. Michal Oshman shows, in this beautifully construed, wisely informed and always engrossing work, how Jewish wisdom can serve its intended purpose - practical guidance - en route to making one's life happier, more fulfilling and better.