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Published by DK

By Amanda Oswald

RRP: £9.99

About Trigger Points

Make massage an indispensable part of your everyday self-care routine with this step-by-step guide to targeting pain with trigger points.

Pain felt in one part of the body can often be traced to knots of muscle and connective tissue elsewhere.
By locating and manipulating these trigger points, you can dramatically relieve pain and prevent its return.

New science has revealed the effectiveness of trigger-point massage to target pain - from migraines to back pain to repetitive strain injury. Leading Harley Street therapist Amanda Oswald brings you a trigger-point therapy guide all within a uniquely-accessible package.

This little self-care book will take you on a breathtaking journey of holistic healing, featuring:

-A down-to-earth guide of 40 step-by-step techniques to use at home
-Detailed information written by a reliable expert in the field
-Features practices, routines and exercised accompanied by easy-to-follow visual illustrations

Dive deep into the pages of this brilliant massage book to explore targeted meditation, movement and breathing exercises. Discover how to reset your anatomical pain maps and locate the trigger points that are responsible, with top tips and techniques on how to massage them accordingly to experience immediate long-term relief and achieve life-changing results.

A recent study suggests that up to 95% of mechanical musculoskeletal pain may be trigger-point related. The challenges of modern living in today's society give way to a plethora of aches and ailments, from anxiety and stress, to chest problems and chronic back pain, but what if we told you that by locating and manipulating these trigger points, in other words the small contraction points of knotted tissue deep within the muscle, your pain can be dramatically relieved and controlled! This bite-size self-help guide is full of friendly and easy-to-follow expert advice to make life-transforming change a reality.

A must-have volume for those seeking to explore a wider range of self-care practices, whether you're interested in wellness trends and are open to trying new therapies, or you are experiencing painful muscles and joints and wish to remedy this via self-therapy.

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