How Dogs Work

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Published by DK

By Daniel Tatarsky

Illustrated by David Humphries

RRP: £9.99

About How Dogs Work

Take a sideways look at the dog - from nose to tail, and everything in between

That humans all over the world love dogs is beyond doubt, but do we really understand our four-legged friends, beyond their wet noses and wagging tails?

How Dogs Work is packed with canine insight. Fun infographics give you all the essential facts and stats, and lead you through the world of dogs in pictures - from how dogs evolved from the wolf to our favourite pet, through the different breeds, to the finer points of working dogs and show dogs. But as the title suggests, it's also a practical guide to understanding dogs. Can you read their ears? Do you know the angle of the head that indicates a dog is dreaming of squirrels, and not listening to you? This fully illustrated guide will translate this body language, and other curious canine behaviour.

So when your dog has taken you for a walk, put your feet up and enjoy this irresistible read!