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Published by DK

Read by Kim Dennis-Bryan

RRP: £4.99

About Complete Dog Care

How to keep your dog healthy and happy

Complete Dog Care contains all the information you need to nurture your dog from puppy-hood through to old age. You'll find a comprehensive programme detailing everything required to provide your dog with the highest level of care, from house-training and socialisation to grooming and exercising.

It covers all aspects of canine life, including guidance on choosing a dog to suit your family, home and lifestyle, and advice on preparing your home and garden. Step-by-step photographs show you how to handle your dog, travel with him, and administer basic first aid. Handy checklists and easy to follow charts help you identify health problems and deal with them appropriately.

With Complete Dog Care you'll have everything you need to keep your dog healthy, happy, and playing fetch for years to come.