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Published by DK

By Amisha Ghadiali

Read by Amisha Ghadiali

RRP: £14.99

About Intuition

A practical guide to discovering the lost art of intuition.

Tune into your senses, find your inner wisdom and develop your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual awareness. This self-help book will help you open yourself up to the power of intuition.

Intuition is seen by many as the highest form of intelligence. It's the ability to know something instinctively without having to discover it - a deep sense of knowing, that gut feeling. Your intuition can guide you to make wise decisions that bring more joy, love and meaning into your life.

From journaling and meditation to mindful movement and moon rituals, this developmental guide taps into the myriad ways you can unlock intuitive living. It teaches you how to use a broad range of practices and techniques designed to reveal your path to innate wisdom.

An Essential On Any Intuitive's Bookshelf

This motivational book by Amisha Ghadiali, an intuitive therapist, yoga and meditation teacher, is filled with inspirational quotes, helpful exercises, and information on how to live a life you love. It encourages intuitive development in everyday life - health, family, relationships, work, creativity and more.

This inspirational book from DK Books will give you the practical tools you need to get in touch with your intuition and create the happier, more successful life you were meant to live:

- DISCOVER the life-changing potential of intuition and learn techniques on how to use it
- CONNECT with your subconscious mind through helpful exercises
- APPLY INTUITION to unlock wellness and fulfilment in every area of your life